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File : 1397609556443.jpg-(640970 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Name Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)09:52 No.22869   [Reply]
Saten Ruiko as Rei
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)11:25 No.22873  
High cut panties haven't been attractive since the 80s. The should sit lower on her hips like tanga panties.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)14:02 No.22876  

What's wrong with you? Low test or something? High cut panties are 1000x hotter than the low-cut crap that passes for fashionable these days. It's called hips, and high-cut shows them off.

File : 1397539103609.jpg-(826766 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Name Anonymous 14/04/15(Tue)14:18 No.22853   [Reply]
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)00:35 No.22863  
Marry Rei. Marriage implies fucking, right?
I'd rather not kill anyone, but if I can't save them all from death, I guess I'd sacrifice Asuka. If no death is necessary, then... well, combinations of hot bodies with personalities you don't want to deal with long-term are exactly what one night stands are for.

I like Mari, but not in a way that I'd like to fuck her.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)00:36 No.22864  

That's not Mari.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)01:21 No.22865  
Marry Rei, fuck Shinji, kill that terrible fashion sense.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)05:17 No.22868  
>Not marrying Shinji when you could have him as a submissive housewife
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)11:17 No.22870  
I'd want my housewife to be clumsy and moe like Rei, Shinji is just too good with his cooking skillz.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)11:21 No.22871  
Pretty Cure?
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)13:12 No.22875  

Is a crybaby.
A little slip up with your cake up, and he'll start crying.

File : 1397528971139.png-(114740 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Name DeadGuyKai 14/04/15(Tue)11:29 No.22848   [Reply]
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)11:22 No.22872  
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)13:11 No.22874  
Titworu is best girl

File : 1396177461787.jpg-(49527 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Name Anonymous 14/03/30(Sun)20:04 No.22481   [Reply]
Let's assume, Anno asks Tomino to co-write Rebuild 4.0.
Tomino agrees.
Would you still watch it? What would you bring to japanese premiere, assuming both of them are in auditory?
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>> Name Anonymous 14/04/10(Thu)05:46 No.22776  
with just one movie remaining, I can't really see how bringing in another angsty kill'em all kind of writer will somehow uncrap eva. The director will just end up cutting the stuff he doesn't like, or most likely scooping up all the spread out angst, and plopping it on Shinji.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/10(Thu)06:55 No.22779  

Nope, they make it blatantly clear that he's just a normal person who said sacrificed everything for the sake of a loves one.

Not very different from what Kaworu and Shinji are. Also, was more a sappy romantic tragedy based on Plato's Symposium and Tanabata than NTR
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/10(Thu)16:54 No.22784  
"You Can(Not)Redo" is the same Gendotastic shite as Anno's other Eva....well Redo's.
"he's just a normal person who said sacrificed everything for the sake of a loved one" is an indulgent, WAFF explanation (even more than EoE's Gendo). Which really isn't good enough, when you remember Rebendo's "grow up" and "just as planned" passionate one liners, and that he's the foe of Gendoragi's ridiculous P.E.N.I.S Organ..ization. All this I could have overlooked had it not been for the most blatantly clear message(It's the entire movie really) that Anno tries to hammer in to 3.0 is that Shinji has to take responsiblity for his actions, even the retarded ham-fisted way the (yaoi marty-stu Kaworu dies, not as tragedy( say like the anime), but as a result of shinji's actions. It's very hypocrytical, it's because of Anno's Gendo/Shinji Double Standard, it's the keystone he uses when he does Evangelion. I even came up with a scientific name for the D.S 'Gendoticular Annoletio'.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/11(Fri)00:45 No.22785  
"Gendoticular Annollatio"
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/11(Fri)01:26 No.22786  

Nah. While he used to be (and to a degree still is) a sort of shady antiheroic figure who carries his own suffering and does what he thinks is the only future for humanity, he was always a bit... off.

"I'm used to being disliked." *penetrant grin*
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/11(Fri)02:46 No.22787  
The only thing consistant with gendo is him being a stoict easy to animate/poorly written emo-dick. Gendoticular Annollatio is usually overlooked as an explanation for eva, fans tend to look for the 'DEEP' convuluted, pshycobabble bullcrap angle. People who are unaware they're under the influence of NTR's noxious fumes tend to do that.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/11(Fri)03:01 No.22788  
>>Also, was more a sappy romantic tragedy based on Plato's Symposium and Tanabata.

Comparing Eva to the tragedies of old, is like comparing someone with a PhD in Ghost Hunting to a Cancer research scientist. They're both "Doctors" but they don't deserve the same respect.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/11(Fri)16:24 No.22792  

Not comparing just pointing out that they deliberately threw old motifs into their story and embraced them as plot elements.

Anima all but confirmed it with Shinji being revealed as some sort of fragment of Adam's soul. That's your Kabalah and Plato all in one.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/15(Tue)14:54 No.22857  
>Tomino to co-write Rebuild 4.0. "To the hopeless tomorrow" AKA "Riders in the Sky"

>Wille is now AEUG

>Shinji now is of the manga Karl&Rei are now four & Rosamia

>Kaji Bajeena tries to make him into savior for mankind

>Asuka Karn & Mari-shymire cello

>Climax ends with Wille and Nerv's mutual annihilation

>Near every character dies, get's mindraped and lobotomized or goes off the deep by end.

>Rei and Kaworu's ghosts help Shinji stop Gendo... But he looses his soul in exchange

>Kaji Bajeena and Asuka Karn become the big bad in sequels
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)03:55 No.22867  
So, Tomino will go full Ideon on 4.0, then? I can imagine that, both Anno and Tomino hate the otaku. Even if they earn money with otaku.

File : 1397540615642.png-(1011289 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1011289 B
Name Anonymous 14/04/15(Tue)14:43 No.22855   [Reply]
Don't forget to watch out for the Evangelion Moon in the sky tonight.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/15(Tue)15:50 No.22858  
Wait what.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/15(Tue)16:40 No.22859  

It's going on right now if you are living in the Americas.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/15(Tue)19:33 No.22861  
It's over, Rei won.
>> Name Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)00:30 No.22862  
Too bad I'm not currently in the Americas.

File : 1397529145167.jpg-(183443 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
183443 B
Name DeadGuyKai 14/04/15(Tue)11:32 No.22852   [Reply]

File : 1397529111945.jpg-(130319 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
130319 B
Name DeadGuyKai 14/04/15(Tue)11:31 No.22851   [Reply]

File : 1397529074880.png-(563043 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
563043 B
Name DeadGuyKai 14/04/15(Tue)11:31 No.22850   [Reply]

File : 1397529029064.jpg-(564800 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
564800 B
Name DeadGuyKai 14/04/15(Tue)11:30 No.22849   [Reply]

File : 1397528937053.png-(195875 B) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
195875 B
Name DeadGuyKai 14/04/15(Tue)11:28 No.22847   [Reply]

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